Use Cases

Explore how our customers and partners use Detected to improve their KYB data and compliance workflows.

Applications of Detected


To onboard new customers and high-quality merchants

With governments and regulators increasing their grip on digital trade, knowing who your partners and customers are has never been more important. Detected provides all of this information via a single API.

To reduce friction during onboarding

Detected can find and locate international business information with less information than any other provider, reducing the friction created by exhaustive data requirements.

To automate ID checks and collect UBO information

It is not enough to check the ID of an individual connected to a business or collect Ultimate Beneficiary Ownership information – today’s compliance requires you to do both.

To monitor risk within your customer base

Risk is not static. Continuing to review the credentials of your business customers and the individuals involved with them has never been more important.

To migrate to a new Payment Service Provider (PSP)

From Adyen and Paypal to Stripe and Square, these businesses have varying requirements for partnering with them and Detected is compatible with them all.

To enter new international markets with confidence

International validation of businesses is complex and typically requires either manual processes or system adaption. Detected is the world’s first truly international partner for this use case.

To fill critical gaps in your customer data

Our single search algorithm uses machine learning to find the best company match across our network of data partners. Know everything you need to know, not just what you have been able to find.
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