Platform Features

Your best chance at finding a company anywhere on earth and then completing ID verification and UBO checks on involved individuals.

Benefit from the world’s best company search engine
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Finding companies around the world is the hardest part of KYB.

Our single search algorithm uses very little data to find the best match across our network of data providers.

Using machine learning, the Detected platform learns the best data source using a confidence score and feedback loop.

Manage your customers through onboarding
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Send your customers a dedicated link to manage their onboarding.

On the backend, you can access an instant view of your customer base to see what stage of onboarding checks they have completed.

Take action and automate customer communications within your CRM to encourage customers to complete ID Verification and UBO checks.

Access multiple data providers via our single API
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Detected is connected to the leading data providers, creating a network of company data sources that allow us to find any company on earth.

The breadth of our global coverage enables us to match your customer base confidently by selecting the best data sources by region, industry and record type.

Give your customers a safe and easy way to prove who they are
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Our Identity Verification technology gives your customers a safe and easy way to prove who they are.

With Detected’s simple UI, customer verification is a seamless experience powered by OCR technology and biometric face matching.

Onboarding new customers is now a frictionless process.

Manage people and companies with over 25% ownership
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Detected’s UBO Portal allows your customers to add and manage individuals and companies with over 25% business ownership.

Unique UBO portal links are connected to your customer profiles in your CRM via API, enabling you to be compliant with anti-money laundering regulations.

Check who you're trading with
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Politically exposed person (PEP) screening and sanction checks are a critical component of KYB and KYC laws, requiring you to check who is connected to a company you’re trading with.

Once your customers have completed our Identity Verification and UBO flows, Detected automatically runs PEP and Sanctions checks on your behalf.

Keep on top of crucial customer changes
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Compliance doesn’t end at onboarding.

To monitor risk within your customer base, Detected flags changes in risk status so you can know instantly if a business you’re trading with becomes high risk, is in financial trouble or appears on a PEP or Sanctions list.

Simplify decision making with Detected AI
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Our proprietary AI helps you to simplify decision making by providing key insights into your customers.

Detected Insights flag where you can take action to improve the health of your customer base and ensure regulatory compliance.

Your customer data is safe and secure
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Detected is fully secure and GDPR compliant, with no data sharing between customers.

Your data set is ring-fenced and kept separate from our other customer instances.

Get instantly better KYB with Detected
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