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What We Do

Visibility drives action.

Detected is connected to global data networks 24/7. By gathering, analysing and sharing this data in a user-friendly way we bring visibility and clarity to complex information. This information provides actionable insights.

Detected eliminates manual processes and reduces marketplace onboarding due diligence from weeks to minutes all while setting new industry standards. Providing monthly insight into the variable credentials of all of your Buyers & Sellers to protect your marketplace.

This information is then available for review in a ‘Blue Tick’ style Detected icon that surfaces the information in a way that improves overall user experience.

Why We Do It

Consumers and businesses very rarely know anything about the businesses they are buying from in a marketplace scenario. Detected shines a light on the credentials of these sellers to protect against fraud

In recent years marketplaces have begun to dominate retail. The opportunity to have hundreds and sometimes thousands of sellers able to sell products in one place is a compelling proposition. The problem is that as demand scales, corners are being cut - especially when it comes to Detecting issues around Buyer & Seller credentials.

How It Works

Detected has the ability to pull together thousands of international data points on every company on earth. This data is then entered into the Detected AI Platform. A profile is created which is displayed in the Detected Dashboard and also on a marketplace.

Consider the Detected Icon as the ‘Blue Tick’ for marketplaces. Find a product, look at which business is selling that product, tap the Detected Icon, review the credentials of the business selling the product - purchase with confidence. 

In a B2B scenario, sellers can also review the buyers they are selling to.

The Detected Profile of a business sits alongside Buyers & Sellers in the Detected Dashboard. This allows trend analysis and risk forecasting utilising the market-leading Detected Analytics Suite.

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Our Story

Detected was founded during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. At the time, Liam Chennells and Nathan Kelleher were helping companies overcome issues with their supply chain infrastructure, using their contacts and networks to source planes and boats to keep medical equipment and PPE moving around the world. As they helped buyers and sellers, the team encountered countless unscrupulous parties and cases of fraud.

At this point in time, and prior to Detected, overcoming this challenge was a costly manual process. They decided that through the power of Artificial Intelligence, they could gather information, standardise it and empower businesses to use this worldwide insight to make better decisions and proactively prevent fraud.

In assembling the founding team, Liam and Nathan joined forces with Darko Atijas and Peter Youell - leaders in the SaaS growth and technology industries respectively.

They registered the business on 30th July 2020, bootstrapped the company, added operational, financial and commercial team members, and built the core platform. This led to a £250,000 pre-seed in early October 2020.

Following this, an experienced advisory board was formed. This is made up of Rob Barnett (Former COO at RBS and current Managing Director of Southern Water), Stephen Garland (technology veteran and current Global CTO & CPO of Trustpilot and Carl Hartmann (Former Co-Founder and CEO of Temando, now Lyre’s Spirit Co. Co-Founder).

In November 2020, the business doubled its valuation while raising another £600,000 to allow further investment in its marketplace integration and international data projects.

That takes Detected to 6 months into its journey, the future is bright.

Founded in
During the Covid-19 Pandemic
We collect over
Datapoints on every business
We serve customers in
Current Detected
Dashboard visibility of
organisations around the world

Our Team

Liam Chennells


Seasoned entrepreneur that is focussed on self-improvement and making a positive impact. Ensuring that Detected has a team of talented, empowered and happy people tasked with delivering on highly ambitious objectives.

Peter Youell


Family first and cars a close second. Spent a career pushing the limits of what technology can be used to achieve and applying all of that knowledge to the Detected platform.

Nathan Kelleher


A global traveller, avid sports fan and wannabe professional gamer. Expertise in building start-ups and taking SaaS offerings to the market. Responsible for the growth of Detected domestically and internationally.

Darko Atijas

Corporate Development

Expert Dad and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor. Extensive experience growing B2B SaaS companies, Corporate Development and high value strategic partnerships.

Conor Gilsenan

Partnership Manager

Former professional rugby player now responsible for Partnerships across Sales & Marketing at Detected. Previously founded and built an international events company, a digital advertising app & attained a business degree. A real people person with a love of all sports.

Elena Sears-Black

Product Advocate

Avid runner and keen cook with a degree in Computer Science and Business Management. I drive constant product improvement as well as taking complex international business data and turning it into powerful insights.

Jack Lomax

Operations Director

Right at home riding a wave, skiing the slopes or staring at multiple computer screens. Experienced with technology start-ups, process driven with a passion for breakthrough technologies that have positive global impacts.

Dorian Kouider

Finance Director

Keen golfer with an eye for numbers. Well versed in the dark art of forecasting. Committed to securing value for shareholders while pushing action orientated insight to the executive’s team.

Lauren Sipple

Partnership Manager

A passion for start-up culture having been a part of the founding team at retail marketplace Appear Here. Everything I do is aimed at delivering exceptional customer experience for our marketplace partners. High energy, food loving, coffee connoisseur.

Rob Barnett

Advisory Board

First priority is family, second priority is family - you get the point. Senior executive with experience across all business phases. Advisor to a number of companies including start-ups. Likes to make a difference.

Carl Hartmann

Advisory Board

A passion for jet, wake & kite-boarding, cycling and running. Serial, multi-award winning entrepreneur who believes in dreaming big and enjoys paying it forward by supporting and backing other world class founders to achieve their goals.

Stephen Garland

Advisory Board

Devoted Husband and Dad, petrolhead and sailor who operates with the same velocity on land and sea as he does in business. Proven track record in leading SaaS Data & Product startups to scale-ups, by leveraging all things tech and data, with a mix of innovation, whilst nurturing the best talent for awesome outcomes.

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